Cynthia Her

Self Employed - Freelance Artist
2013 - Present

  • Maintains weekly upload for webcomic across multiple platforms

  • Maintains monthly patreon uploads

  • Concepts, designs, produce, and ships out merchandise to maintain online store that reaches a global audience

  • Collaborated with a team of artists and writers to concept, publish, and sell themed illustrated books and merchandise

  • Meeting with clients to talk about ideas and what they need to execute successful commissioned work

Rooster Teeth - Remote Freelance Artist
2014 - Present

  • Concept and illustrate T-shirt designs for production

  • Concept and illustrate face cards for multiple playing card decks

  • Work with a team of artist for charity run only poster design


  • Proficient in Adobe Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai

  • Analytical eye to make informative recommendations

  • Able to visualize and conceptualize artistic ideas and communicate ideas to others

  • Collaborates smoothly and effectively in a team-oriented environment

  • Capable of working remotely on projects

  • Developing digital artwork and artistic content across numerous platform’s

  • Navigate and use most social media platforms such as Twitter and Tumblr to promote, advertise, and network



• Visual Development, Chris Oatley
• Online Drawing Workshop, Steve Ahn 
• Gesture Drawing, Alex Woo 

Worked in:

Y/CON 7 LGBT Artbook, Winter 2018 [x]
LEAD: Heartlines - A Shiro + Keith Wedding illustrated book 2018
LEAD: Between Two Points - An Illustrated Fiction Book 2018
Gallery Nucleus 'Be Valiant! Fan Art Showcase' for Overwatch League's LA Valiant 2018 [x]
• Faster Than A Bullet - Mccree + Genji fanzine February 2017 [x]
• Let's Play Community - Speed Draw 2016 [x]
• Life-in-a-Glass Case Free! BL Fan book 2014 [


• Bigbite Magazine April 2017 [x]
• Artist Showcase July 2015 [x]
• Bigbite Magazine July 2015 [x] 

Spotlights / Mentions: 

• Afterbuzz TV Voltron art giveaway July 9th, 2018 [x]
• Rainbow 6 Ubisoft Mexico fanart feature May 31, 2016 [x
• Rainbow 6 Ubisoft Brazil fanart feature May 30, 2016 [x] / [x]
• Watch_Dogs 1 year anniversary Twitch livestream art feature May 30, 2015 [x]
• thatgamecompany Fanart of the day Dec. 21, 2014 [x]
• Assassin's Creed Fanart spotlight Feb. 23, 2013 [x]
• Assassin's Creed Fanart spotlight March 8, 2013 [
• Watch_Dogs Fanart spotlight April 3, 2013 [
• Watch_Dogs Fanart spotlight June 25, 2013 [
• Artwork Video Feature by Tim Browne, Lead Game Designer at Ubisoft Annecy [
 Artwork on display at Ubisoft's UbiLounge E3 and Gamescon 2013