Commission Rates


Please note all these are **BASE PRICES**. Depending on the detail of your characters and if you want a background the price will change! I charge 50% first payment and then 50% last payment to receive the full image. However you can put down some money to ensure your spot in the queue (like $10 or $15 and then when I get to you, you pay the rest of the first 50% to start)

Please be sure to read everything carefully! Any questions about commissions can be emailed to me: 

How to commission:

Please EMAIL me at

MAKE SURE the subject says something about commissions!

When you submit a commission request, please give a detailed explanation of your piece along with any reference material you have. PLEASE be sure to have ALL your materials ready before commissioning me! Please state clearly what type of commission your want. EX: "I want a full body flat shading" or "a half body sketch". Please give me your paypal address so I can send an invoice when ready. I DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS! 

Once you pay, you have secured your spot in the queue. I will email you when I start your commission. 

If you do not reply to my email within 2 week I will drop your commission or move you back to the line if you contact me again after 2 weeks.


Sketches: $10-$15

$10 Half body
$15 Full body

Examples: One / Two / Three


Line Art: $40-$60

$40 Half body
$60 Full body

Examples: One / Two / Three


Flat Colors: $80-$90

$80 Half body
$90 Full body

Examples: One / Two


Flat Shading:


$120 Half body
$150 Full body

Examples: One / Two / Three


Full Color:

$180 Half body
$220 Full body

Examples: One / Two / Three

Want something in a style you do not see here (gifs, cell shade, business cards, etc)? Email me and we’ll talk!

Too expensive! WHY?:

Well, I treat this like a job and I’m putting a lot of work into these things. 

Can you do +extra character? How much is it?:

I can draw more than one character and it's usually add on another of that option you want (ex: 2 character full color = $440 base price) but usually I take some $$ off - just talk to me about it in the email!

Can we negotiate prices?:

Depends. I require 50% payment first for me to start working on your picture and then I will ask for the last 50% before sending you the finished image. So you have time to save up. I will hold your image for you if you still need time to save up to pay the last 50%.

What about porn/gore/etc?:

I don't draw pornography, I'm sorry. I can do some gore, but nothing extreme. We can discuss it in email if you would like! I will try my very best to work with you.

What about OC?:

I can draw OCs for you. You just have to have explicit details on your character and preferably an already done drawing of them so I can look at it or any pictures of their face/head canons you have! Please attach ALL references of your characters in the email so I can give you a proper quote.

What about backgrounds?

Backgrounds cost extra, but we can discuss that in the email.


I will always ask you for your paypal address to invoice you for payment. If you are having someone else pay for your commission or the payment isn't coming directly from you, please have that worked out before you contact me. I am NOT contacting someone else on your behalf to get my payment. It is your responsibility to have payment ready before you commission me. If you are giving me someone else's paypal to invoice, make sure you have that sorted out before hand. Again, I am NOT contacting someone else for payment, I am only going to be sending the invoice to whatever paypal you give me.


If you want an edit to your commission (redraw the position of an arm, redraw an outfit, redraw the hair, etc) it will cost extra depending on how big the edit is. PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THIS. Please explain IN FULL DETAIL your picture when you send the initial email. If you are not clear and I ask for clarification and you do not clarify and later ask for an edit I WILL CHARGE YOU FOR MY TIME.


If you need a commission by a certain date, please make sure you ask at LEAST a month in advance. I do commissions in order I receive them so if you ask me and say you need it in 2 days I'm going to CHARGE YOU EXTRA. The charge will depend on the type of commission you buy and the amount of time you need it by. Please be aware of this!

I don’t want to buy, but I’d love to help!:

If you can spare maybe a dollar or two that would be fantastic! I’ve had several people donate to me and it’s…really so nice of them to have done that! Or you can share links to my art to friends you think would like my art! Do not repost my art.

How do I pay?:

I accept PAYPAL ONLY! I do not give refunds!
My paypal is:

I will start your commission only after you pay. Once you pay, you have a secured spot in the queue, but I will email you exactly when I start on your commission.

I will also refuse/drop service to you if you fall under any of the noted:

  1. Become rude to me in our correspondence

  2. Demand excessive unfair discounts

  3. Show repeat unreliability

  4. Do not respond to a correspondence within a reasonable amount of time - typically 2 weeks of which I will drop your commission and move on and you will be moved back to the end of the line 

  5. A mutual agreement to drop the order.

if you have more questions, please just drop an ask (not anon) and I will answer you privately!

Thank you so much for viewing!

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